It's that time of year again. Cold, cloudy days and dead trees line the streets before the inevitable change occurs, when the sun begins to shine again, trees regain their foliage and flowers start to bloom. The transition from winter to spring is an inspiring time for many because it reflects a special period of rebirth. This idea of rebirth, shedding what used to be, is no better encapsulated than in the idea of having a New Year's resolution - changing yourself for the better and letting bygones be bygones.  I need to lose weight, you're probably thinking to yourself, and probably believe that should be your New Year's resolution. This goal is all too common for many who take on a New Year's resolution. Unfortunately, many don't follow through with the goal. There are a number of reasons why it is challenging to have this resolution come to fruition. In some cases, life can get in the way, making sticking to a diet difficult. In others, perhaps a poor diet plan was devised.  Don't make losing weight your New Year's resolution. The resolution often leads to a disappointing outcome and can potentially affect how you perceive yourself and your willpower. We don't want you to feel down and out, starting the year off with the wrong step, so we are here to help you reconsider making weight loss your resolution and what alternative routes you can take to gain a flattering figure and retain your self-confidence throughout the new year. 

1. Save Yourself From the Mental Stress That Often Accompanies Weight Loss

Making weight loss your resolution is going to come with some stress.  Picture this: it's January 1st, the first day of your resolution, and you intend to eat healthily. Salads, no more soda and cutting carbs are all on your mind, but something went awry: you ate a cookie. Sure, having one cookie doesn't sound like a huge misstep, but doing so may lead to going off the tracks of your intended goal. Soon, sticking to a diet seems like a difficult task, even after just one week of intending to lose weight. Or, perhaps, you want to incorporate exercise into your weight loss journey. However, let's say you miss doing cardio that first resolution day, January 1st, or maybe you miss several days in a row that initial week. Losing weight because it is your resolution is going to cause stress because the pressure to maintain the goal will be heavy. Don't start the new year with a stressful mindset. It may prevent you from losing weight or even result in gaining weight. 

2. Weight Loss Goals Tend to Be Vague

Ok, sure, you want to lose weight for your resolution, but doing so will require planning and understanding what type of diet and exercise routine will benefit you. Many people take on the New Year's resolution weight loss challenge without knowing what they need to do to ensure that their goal will succeed. Everybody is unique. Your metabolism, figure, age and, in short, your natural genetics determine which path you should take to make your weight loss endeavor a success. If you have the time, planning skills, and understanding of what you should eat to make sure you lose weight, then perhaps weight loss is the right resolution for you. However, be aware that it isn't always the best resolution to take on if you lack these. 

3. Healthy Doesn't Necessarily Mean a Certain Figure

As mentioned, everybody is unique.  Every day we are bombarded with ads telling us the right type of shape and body figure. Yet, for some people, this fantastical goal is not possible. In fact, for many, it isn't possible. Computer tricks often alter how models and actors appear, causing their audience to have a false sense of possible weight loss. What is projected as the ideal figure is not attainable for many. Be healthy and accept your figure as it is. But if you feel like losing weight is truly necessary, then devise a weight loss plan suitable to your unique figure.

4. Eat Healthier, Not Unhealthy Just to Lose Weight

A common misconception is that to lose weight you need to cut out carbs entirely and avoid fats. What are you left with? A side salad and a piece of chicken breast, which certainly won't please your palate and really isn't all too nutritional. This bland, restricting diet will also make your weight loss journey more problematic as it becomes bland and uninspired. Instead, eat healthily. Carbs and fats are good - they are part of an overall healthy diet. Just make sure that you avoid eating that extra cookie or drinking soda, or any junk foods, in that case, if you wish to lose weight.

5. Devote Your Time to What You Really Love

Choosing new hobbies or picking up old ones that you once cherished is a great way to get in shape. While doing an entire upheaval of your eating habits and exercise routines may seem necessary to lose weight, it isn't. Devoting your time to what you really love, such as playing basketball, tennis or soccer, or even doing less strenuous activities, like knitting or cooking, can benefit your mental health. Sure, losing weight and making yourself look good is a great goal, but it all begins with your brain. Ensuring your mental health is in the right place encourages more beneficial acts, such as eating better. Not to mention, learning a new hobby like cooking is an excellent way to learn healthier recipes.

6. Change Your Mindset - Not Your Weight

So, this probably goes hand-in-hand with the last point, but it's necessary to reiterate: changing your mindset is an excellent way to start the new year. Starting the new year simply with the goal in mind to lose weight is not ideal because it can lead to a great deal of pressure, stress and you may not achieve your goal. Change your mindset and focus on how you can get more out of your days, like going for a run in the morning, cooking food at home rather than eating out and journaling to keep track of how you've been spending your days wisely. By changing your mindset, you can transform your body.

7. Unrealistic Expectations

Many begin their weight loss journey expecting quick and easy results. But, let's face it, losing weight takes a tremendous amount of effort. Now, don't let this discourage you from making weight loss your New Year's resolution. Just keep realistic expectations in mind.

8. Maybe Weight Loss Through Conventional Methods Is Not What You Need

Many people struggle with their figure. Perhaps, a bit of fat hangs off too much from your stomach, causing a 'muffin top,' or your arms have too much too, known as 'bat wings.' These displeasing body concerns are often not going to go away through exercise alone because they result from your natural anatomy. Weight loss may seem like the right New Year's resolution to conquer these bodily concerns, but your results may be disappointing. However, it is possible to improve your figure and rid your body of these seemingly impossible to get rid of flaws. Body contouring technologies were designed to treat a tricky muffin top, bat wings, turkey neck… the list goes on.

9. Viora Can Contour Your Figure

Like the Emsculpt, Viora is a body contouring treatment, but instead of building muscle, Viora can help relieve your body of stubborn pockets of fat that are resulting in bulges and rolls. Undergoing aesthetic-boosting technology is an exceptional way to attain a sleeker figure. Many people suffer from unsightly bulges and rolls that don't go away from exercise and a healthy diet alone, which is another reason why you should reconsider having weight loss be your New Year's resolution (your natural genetics may prevent you from achieving the results you want!) Viora is a noninvasive treatment that combines the power of radiofrequency (RF) and vacuum therapy to reduce fat cell volume. The treatment essentially breaks down and shrinks fat cells to create a slimmer appearance wherever it is performed. Viora can be used on most parts of your body. From your neck to your thighs, abdomen and buttocks, you can attain a much more flattering figure. 

10. Emsculpt Can Help Get You In Shape

If gaining muscle is your goal… then Emsculpt can be your solution. Hitting the gym regularly to build muscle can be a daunting task, especially if it is your New Year's resolution. But that doesn't have to be the case. Emsculpt is a revolutionary technology that can help tone and firm various parts of your body, creating a more toned physique. Do you want rock-hard abs but are intimidated by having to endure many sets of crunches and leg raises? Don't worry, Emsculpt can firm your abs. Do you desire a beautiful bum but don't enjoy doing the countless squats required to attain such a booty? Emsculpt is the answer. Emsculpt is a noninvasive body contouring treatment that utilizes high-intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate muscle contractions. In just 30-minutes, you can achieve 20,000 contractions in either your biceps, abs or buttocks. Building muscle has never been so easy (let alone as a New Year's resolution). 'New year, new me' can be easy with Emsculpt and Viora.

Make Your New Year Resolution Count

Weight loss as a New Year's resolution is one that, unfortunately, often inevitably leads to disappointment. Having the gumption to maintain a regular exercise schedule and healthy eating habits is no easy task, especially if life gets in the way, and, in some cases, your weight loss journey may not lead you to the results you want. At Aesthetic Envy, we don't want you to have a disappointing year and want your New Year's resolution to count. Perhaps a body sculpting treatment is just what you need if you desire a more fit and flattering figure. Emsculpt and Viora are exceptional body contouring treatments that can significantly improve your image.  Contact Aesthetic Envy by calling 916-333-4906 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation. We can assess your goals for your figure and determine if Emsculpt or Viora will benefit you, starting your new year right. 

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