Getting ready for your summer body is something most people start working on months in advance. But, the fun of summer is right around the corner, and if you are like the other countless people who had a late start to the summer-bod workouts, you probably aren’t exactly where you’d like to be for swimsuit season. Luckily, there are a ton of treatments that you can get that will give you results in time for the prime of summer festivities. (Some of them are even instantaneous.) 1. Cellulite Treatment According to Scientific American, cellulite affects 90% of all women. The unfair part is that this condition is skewed heavily toward women — only about 10% of men experience some form of cellulite. Despite only being prominent in women, cellulite is one of the biggest aesthetic concerns we see in our office. So how do we treat cellulite? Well, the first step is to understand how cellulite develops. In all of our tissues, we have a layer of fat positioned between other layers in the skin. Between those layers are fibrous bands of tissue that keep them connected. Those bands pull down on the skin and into the fat layer, causing the skin to become dimpled and producing that dreaded “cottage cheese” appearance that makes many of us feel self-conscious. There are a handful of factors that contribute to these fibrous bands, including weight fluctuation and hormonal changes. Since we know how the condition forms, our office can take a specialized tool that radiates radiofrequency energy into all the layers of the skin. That energy is transferred into the skin within the body, causing the fibrous bands to break down and release. Once the tension is gone, smoother skin is revealed. Even if you weren’t able to hit your ideal weight goal, you could still enjoy a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance within a few weeks, although the best results come from a few treatment sessions. 2. Body Sculpting We have all heard of liposuction, the surgical procedure that relies on a cannula to suction out fat from within your body. It’s a popular procedure, with more than 211,000 procedures performed throughout 2020, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But if you are searching for a quicker way to shape your body that will prevent you from going through any long recovery period, then you need something nonsurgical that is just as reliable as liposuction. This is where our body sculpting treatment comes in; by utilizing technology similar to that in cellulite treatment, our office can help you remove unwanted pockets of fat and tighten your skin with one treatment. We can treat many different locations, including the abdomen, hips, waist, chin, jowls, buttocks, arms, thighs and knees, which means your treatment can be entirely tailored to your unique needs. Our office uses the Viora system, which is FDA-approved and a viable option for all skin types. So if you are looking to improve a specific area for the summertime to look good in comfortable clothing, you will likely be a strong candidate for body contouring at Aesthetic Envy. 3. Emsculpt Unlike cellulite treatment or body sculpting, Emsculpt does not rely on RF technology. Instead, it focuses on delivering high-intensity electromagnetic energy to induce muscle contractions, causing them to work at a faster rate than what is usually achieved through conventional workouts. The result is a much more chiseled appearance and dramatically improved muscle tone, even in places where fat loss or muscle development was otherwise unachievable. Typical treatment areas often include the abdomen, buttocks, calves and upper arms, but many other locations can be targeted as well. Many patients notice solid improvement after the first treatment, but ideal results can take around six to eight weeks to show. By that time, you’ll be right in the middle of lake adventures, pool parties and beach days, and the last thing you’ll have to worry about is whether you look good in a bathing suit. 4. Laser Hair Removal This recommendation is a tad bit different than the last three. It’s essential to have your figure where you would like it to be, but many people often underestimate the power of having a well-groomed body. Not to mention, traditional methods of hair removal like shaving or waxing can become expensive — not just fiscally, but in terms of time investment as well. By concentrating beams of light into your pores, we can help you permanently minimize the amount of unwanted hair on your body. Treatment can be conducted essentially anywhere where hair grows, so there are very few limitations surrounding this treatment since we use cutting-edge technology that is good for all skin types. (Previously, hair removal was limited only to people with light skin and dark hair.) There is minimal pain or discomfort associated with laser hair removal that is often likened to a light sunburn. Just to be safe, we do not recommend women who are pregnant for laser hair removal, and we generally avoid performing the procedure where a tattoo is present since it can blister or distort. Laser hair removal is another instance where you will likely notice a significant improvement after the first session but will see ideal results after a few sessions. However, if you start now, you can have your routine started before all of your summer plans are made.

See Your Summertime Body with Treatment at Aesthetic Envy in Sacramento, CA

If you are ready to learn more about how these treatments can help you get the body you have been dreaming of, then give our office a call at 916-333-4906 to schedule a consultation right away. You can also fill out our online contact form, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure to bring along any questions you have about improving your appearance — even if one of these four options is not a great fit, we are confident we can help you find the perfect way to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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