Lash extensions are not just for celebrities anymore, today everyone is taking advantage of this simple beauty hack! Lash extensions allow you to wake up looking glam, cutting your morning routine down significantly. They are perfect for vacations (hello, who wants mascara running down their face after they hop out of the pool?) or just for everyday wear at school, work or the gym. Lash extensions are easy, painless, and totally addictive. It is easy to care for them and with some simple tips and tweaks your lash extensions will stay beautiful for weeks and weeks. The first thing to keep in mind with lash extensions is the application process. A full set of lash extensions will take anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on what style you choose and how many natural lashes you have. After your lower lashes are secured down with soothing gel patches the lash stylist will isolate each individual eyelash and apply an extension that is longer, thicker and fluffier than your natural lash. It is recommended that you refrain from consuming caffeine before your service to avoid the jitters and so you can take a relaxing lash nap during your long service. After you open your eyes again you will have fabulous new lashes. The longevity of your lashes mainly relies on how you care for them at home. During the 24-48 hours after your full set it is important to keep your lashes as dry as possible. Refrain from any activities that may cause you to sweat, cry or environments that are full of moisture such as saunas. After the 48 hours your lashes will be waterproof so you can swim, shower and sweat with no complications. The cleaner you keep your lashes the longer they are going to last you. It is recommended that you double cleanse your lash extensions twice a day with a lash wash. After letting your lashes dry, gently running a lash brush through your lashes will fluff the extensions back up and make them look new again. It is highly recommended to avoid using mascara at any time while wearing lash extensions and products for around the eye area containing oils or waterproof makeup products are strictly contraindicated.

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