Real Patient Testimonials

All the way around perfect experience. The staff was so friendly & helpful. I received my dream lip filler results. My lips look absolutely beautiful! I will definitely be returning. I highly recommend Aesthetic Envy!

— B NC

I recently got my lips done with Alex and the experience was amazing!! I was a little nervous in the beginning but that went away and was so excited!! Everything was explained so well and I felt so comfortable!! Andrea is the sweetest and is always so helpful! Alex did such a great job on my lips, she’s very attentive and sweet! I also recommend their hydro facials, they will leave your skin looking and feeling clean and GLOWING! Love this place!

— Jessica Soriano

I’m beyond happy. I was halfway through a series of tattoo removal treatments at another place (a dermatologist) when their machine broke. I had called so many other places, most of which went to call centers, and they won’t give you a straight answer about their pricing. I live about an hour away from any tattoo removal services so I didn’t want to drive all the way there to have a consultation unless I had some type of idea of how much they charge. I couldn’t get anyone to be normal and just TELL ME! And a few other dermatologists I called were so expensive it was almost funny. This place was so friendly, they had me text them a picture of my tattoo and a few minutes later sent me a quote. So simple! Their pricing is amazing, the staff couldn’t be friendlier, and I couldn’t be happier

— Cristina Cassidy

Aesthetic Envy is my go-to for lip filler! Once you walk into the office the staff is always so sweet and amazing! Both Hailey & Alexandra have made sure I was very comfortable when getting my services done. They always leave my lips so plump and gorgeous!!

— Xo Blonde

Been going here for several sessions of hair removal. When calling for questions and making appointments the receptionist has been very responsive and helpful.During the sessions the medical technician (I believe their name is Bree) does an excellent job making me feel at ease to what would otherwise be a very anxious experience. Been seeing good results and look forward to the rest of the sessions!

— Troy Wiltzius

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