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Hello everyone! My name is Elle, and I am an aesthetic registered nurse passionate about providing personalized treatments to my clients. I have been working as an aesthetic nurse since 2014 and am certified as a nurse injector by Allergan Aesthetics. I love listening to my clients, understanding their needs, and suggesting custom treatments that deliver optimal results. As a dedicated mom of three boys and a loving wife, I understand the importance of balancing work and family life. Outside of my profession, I am an avid enthusiast of biohacking techniques such as using infrared sauna and cold plunge to enhance my overall well-being.

These practices fuel my curiosity and allow me to explore new ways to optimize health and vitality. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to combine my professional expertise with my personal interests, creating a holistic approach to beauty and wellness for my clients. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with you on your health and aesthetic enhancement journey.

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