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Platysmal bands are vertical cords that appear on either side of the neck, becoming more visible with age. These bands are part of the platysma muscle, which shows through the thinning skin. While not everyone develops prominent neckbands, those who do often find them frustrating as they are difficult to conceal with makeup and have limited non-surgical treatment options. Fortunately, Botox is one of the few effective non-surgical treatments available for platysmal bands.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is an injectable form of Botulinum toxin A, designed to relax localized muscles. Though derived from a neurotoxin, Botox is formulated to include only the proteins necessary for achieving the desired muscle relaxation. This treatment is well-studied and widely considered safe.

After injection, Botox spreads slightly within the targeted muscle. Over the next two weeks, it begins to block the brain signals that instruct the muscle to move or contract. This selective blocking allows you to maintain natural facial expressions while reducing unwanted muscle activity.

The precision required to administer Botox makes it a technical procedure. Injectors must know the exact sites for injection to freeze movement selectively. Our injectors at Aesthetic Envy have extensive experience with neuromodulators like Botox, ensuring both cosmetic and medical treatments are executed flawlessly.

Formation of Platysmal Bands

Platysmal bands are present throughout life but are usually hidden by youthful skin and fat. As collagen production decreases, tissue loss occurs, and the skin thins, making muscles, tendons, and veins more visible. This phenomenon is also common on the hands, where fillers are often used to disguise tendons and veins.

Preventing the appearance of platysmal bands is challenging. While a good skincare routine and professional treatments like chemical peels and microneedling can help, aging will inevitably reveal neck muscles for many. However, some individuals are fortunate enough to avoid developing prominent neckbands.

Why Choose Botox for Platysmal Bands

Botox is one of the few non-surgical solutions for treating platysmal bands effectively. At Aesthetic Envy, our skilled injectors use their expertise to provide targeted treatments, helping you achieve a smoother, more youthful neck appearance without the need for invasive surgery.

Benefits and Risks of Botox for Platysmal Bands


Botox injections in the neck area offer several benefits, particularly for reducing the appearance of platysmal bands. Here are the key advantages:

  • Reduction in Vertical Neck Bands:Diminishes the visibility of platysmal bands.
  • Youthful Appearance:Creates a more youthful-looking neck.
  • Prevention:Helps prevent the worsening of platysmal bands.
  • Jaw Contour Improvement:This may enhance the contour of the jawline.
  • Smoother Skin:Results in smoother-looking skin.
  • Quick Procedure:The injection process is quick.
  • Minimal Discomfort:Little to no pain is involved.
  • Minimal Aftercare:Requires minimal aftercare.
  • Non-Surgical:A non-surgical treatment option.
  • Qualified Providers:Performed by experienced and qualified injectors.


While Botox injections are generally safe, they do come with some risks, especially if not performed by an experienced provider. Understanding these risks is crucial:

  • Asymmetry or Unexpected Results:Potential for uneven or unexpected outcomes.
  • Infection:Risk of infection at the injection site.
  • Prolonged or Severe Side Effects:Possibility of extended or more severe side effects.
  • Difficulty Swallowing:Temporary swallowing difficulties may occur
  • Neck Weakness:Temporary neck weakness, which could disproportionately affect certain activities.
  • Major Complications:Major complications or severe reactions are extremely rare.

Millions of Botox injections are administered annually, and the treatment has been studied extensively for over two decades, ensuring a high level of safety when performed correctly.

Platysmal Band Botox Injection Process

When you arrive for your neck Botox treatment, the process typically involves the following steps:

  • Preparation:Your injector will clean and disinfect the treatment area with alcohol. It’s recommended to come without makeup on your neck if you usually wear it.
  • Numbing:While a numbing cream is available, it is usually unnecessary as Botox injections use a very fine needle, and the procedure is quick.
  • Prolonged or Severe Side Effects:Possibility of extended or more severe side effects.
  • Injection:The treatment generally requires between forty and one hundred units of Botox. The injector will make a series of injections along each vertical band, with injection sites approximately two centimeters apart. Depending on the severity of the banding, this process can take between ten and thirty minutes.
  • Post-Injection Care:After completing the injections, the injector will clean any pinpoint bleeding and provide aftercare instructions. They may also cool the area if necessary.

Can Botox Treat Horizontal Neck Lines?

Botox can offer minor improvements for horizontal necklines, but it is not typically considered the best treatment option. More effective treatments for horizontal necklines include radiofrequency microneedling, VI Peels, and sometimes dermal fillers.

How Long Does Botox Last in Platysmal Bands?

The results of Botox for platysmal bands typically last between three to six months. The duration of the results depends on various factors such as genetics, environmental conditions, aftercare, and individual metabolism. Some patients may find that other neuromodulators, like Dysport, provide longer-lasting effects.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

The ideal candidate for Botox treatment of platysmal bands is someone with prominent vertical neck bands that become more noticeable with activities like talking and eating. It is also best for those not yet ready for a surgical neck lift, as Botox does not offer significant skin tightening.

Candidates should be in generally good health and have realistic expectations about the results. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, it is suitable for a broader range of individuals. Your injector will evaluate you during a consultation to determine if Botox for platysmal bands is appropriate for you.

Will Botox Help Slow Neck Aging?

Yes, Botox can help slow the aging process in the neck. When combined with skin treatments, Botox can weaken the muscles over time, making them less prominent. While it may not eliminate the need for future Botox treatments, it can provide some longer-lasting effects with regular use.

How Much Is Platysmal Band Botox?

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