Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Sacramento CA

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Sacramento, CA

A tattoo can be a beautiful expression of your personality, spirit and values. Or it can be a constant reminder of one of your biggest regrets.

As you age, or as your priorities, lifestyle and relationships change, you may find yourself rethinking the importance of your body art. A design you thought you’d love forever can lose its appeal, and suddenly one of the best features of your tattoo — its permanence — becomes its greatest drawback. You’re tired of feeling embarrassed or remorseful every time you see your ink. You’re ready for a fresh start.

Our team of cosmetic specialists at Aesthetic Envy offer laser tattoo removal treatments to clear your skin of unwanted ink. Using our top-of-the-line Astanza Trinity laser, we provide safe, comfortable and efficient tattoo removal in Sacramento, as well as expert guidance through the process to ensure the best possible results. Call us today or fill out our online booking form to get started.

Take the First Step to Clear Skin

It seemed like a great idea at the time, but now all that comes to mind when you see your tattoo is, “What was I thinking?” If you would like to book a tattoo removal consultation or have questions related to the treatment, Aesthetic Envy is here to help with two convenient locations in Sacramento.

In your consultation, our team will assess your tattoo and determine the cost of your treatment plan. Pricing will depend on the size of the tattoo and the number of sessions required to remove the ink. We offer complimentary tattoo removal services for former gang members and individuals struggling with addiction who are looking for a fresh start.

Unwanted ink should not rule or ruin your life. Regardless of the type of tattoo you want to remove, Aesthetic Envy can give you the help you need when you need it most. Please call us today at 916-333-4906 to schedule your free consultation.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ’s

When a tattoo is created, the machine injects ink below the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) into its second layer (the dermis). The body responds by unleashing white blood cells designed to eliminate the invasion of potentially harmful foreign particles. But there’s a problem: tattoo pigment particles are too big for white blood cells to handle. They remain in place no matter how hard the body tries to dispose of the intrusive ink. This ensures the longevity of the art, but also makes it challenging to remove if you change your mind.

Searching for tattoo removal online can return a daunting number of options. There are tattoo removal creams that promise to miraculously erase ink without harming the skin. There are chemical peels and dermabrasion treatments that remove ink particles along with layers of skin. There are surgical techniques that simply excise the tattoo, leaving a scar in its place. Many of these methods are ineffective, dangerous or both.

Laser tattoo removal treatments are the safest and most effective way to remove unwanted ink. It is the only form of tattoo removal that can penetrate below the epidermis — without causing damage or scarring — to break down pigment particles in the dermis and return your skin to its natural look.

Laser tattoo removal systems use concentrated pulses of laser energy to target pigment deep in the dermis. When the laser beam connects with a pigment particle, it shatters it into smaller fragments that can be removed by the white blood cells of the body’s immune system. Different colors of ink respond to different wavelengths of light, so the most effective laser systems incorporate multiple wavelengths to target as much of the tattoo as possible. A tattoo removal treatment is performed over a series of sessions that produce gradual improvement until the tattoo is gone or nearly undetectable.

Aesthetic Envy has invested in the Astanza Trinity laser to deliver high-quality laser tattoo removal treatments and fast results to all of our patients. This groundbreaking technology combines the power of two standalone lasers: the Astanza Duality, a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, and the Astanza Eternity, a Q-switched ruby laser. Together, these lasers create the Astanza Trinity, a multi-wavelength laser that delivers full-spectrum tattoo removal on all skin types and all tattoo colors.

One of the biggest issues patients and other laser tattoo removal providers run into is the treatment of colorful tattoos – especially tattoos that contain bright blue and green pigments. These stubborn pigments are difficult to treat because they require a specific wavelength to be removed successfully. Laser tattoo removal is only effective when light energy is absorbed by ink pigment. Different wavelengths are absorbed by specific groups of pigments. Therefore, the more wavelengths a laser has, the more colors it can treat.

Our Astanza Trinity uses three versatile wavelengths — 1064 nm, 532 nm and 694 nm — to target and shatter every ink color, ensuring all tattoos be removed to completion. Our 1064 nm wavelength targets pigments like black, violet and dark blue. Our 532 nm wavelength targets warm pigments like red, orange and yellow. And our 694 nm ruby wavelength targets “resistant” vibrant blue and green hues. Combined, these three wavelengths work together to eliminate all multicolored tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal at Aesthetic Envy is a quick and easy procedure. During your treatment, one of our talented laser practitioners will determine the optimal laser protocols to treat your unique tattoo and skin type. Our Astanza Trinity laser then sends rapid pulses of light energy through the upper layers of your skin to target the ink pigments trapped in the dermal layer. Each pulse of the laser is absorbed by the ink particles, instantly shattering them into tiny pieces. Your body’s lymphatic system naturally removes the ink particles over the weeks following each treatment.

Patients who’ve heard stories about how painful laser tattoo removal can be are often surprised to discover it’s not as uncomfortable as they expected. At Aesthetic Envy, we use the highest quality medical-grade topical anesthetic available to ensure your comfort. We also offer use of the Zimmer Cryo cooling machine at no additional cost. The Zimmer Cryo blows freezing cold air (-30º C) at the treatment site before, during and after your treatment session to numb the area and mitigate any pain. Our laser practitioners are more than happy to hand you the cooling hose, giving you full control over the air flow and your comfort.

The most common side effects of laser tattoo removal include temporary redness, scabbing, blistering and lightening or darkening of the surrounding skin. These effects are a normal and natural response to the treatment — they indicate that your skin is healing and the treatment was effective. Keep the area clean and dry, and protect your freshly treated skin from sun exposure and being submerged in water. Use an ointment like Aquaphor to moisturize the area as it heals. Do not pick at scabs that form and avoid activities (such as shaving) that could accidentally remove them. Healing is usually complete in about four to eight weeks.

Almost all patients need multiple treatments to achieve complete removal of their tattoo. The laser shatters more ink with each session, starting with the shallowest layers of ink and working deeper into the skin until no ink is visible. The number of treatments needed is specific to each patient and their tattoo. Aesthetic Envy considers a variety of factors to determine the number of treatments that are ideal for your needs. Some of the variables that affect the speed of removal are the age of the tattoo, the density and depth of the ink, the brightness of colors and the tattoo’s location on your body. The Astanza Trinity laser is the most advanced multi-wavelength system in the industry, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the fastest removal possible.

These are a few of the reasons why the Astanza Trinity laser offers Sacramento’s best tattoo removal experience:

  • Safe for all skin types
  • Removes all ink colors
  • Can cover small, medium, large and extra-large areas
  • Can treat tattoos on 95% of the body
  • Higher pulse energies deliver more effective removal results
  • Ultra-quick pulse durations minimize discomfort
  • Rapid repetition rate allows for shorter treatment times
  • Eliminates more ink with each session, reducing the number of overall treatments needed


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