You come in for regular facials every month like clockwork but you still aren’t seeing results, what gives? It’s probably the products that you are using daily holding you back from achieving the skin of your dreams. Attaining beautiful skin is just like trying to get your body in shape, you could be seeing a personal trainer at the gym but if you are going home and eating nothing but junk food you will most likely not see the results you want. I often have clients ask me to recommend them a product from the drugstore because they are hesitant to invest in a professional product. While over the counter (OTC) may smell good and feel luxurious they are almost always a waste of money. Professional products are specifically formulated to create changes in the way your skin looks and functions. OTC products purchased at the drugstore are designed to sell. When you buy a professional product that has been recommended by an esthetician you are investing in a product that has been hand-selected to address your unique skin concerns. These products have been created by chemists in small quality controlled batches and are made with cosmeceutical grade ingredients. These products have undergone many clinical trials proving their efficacy before they are released to the market. When you switch to a professional grade product expect to use less product but see better results. Compared to OTC products professional products contain concentrated amounts of active ingredients so a little goes a long way. OTC are usually made of mostly water or filler ingredients with the active ingredients in smaller quantities lower on the list. What you are using at home is essential in producing dramatic results. Invest in your skin by purchasing Ph balanced professional products. You will end up buying products less often, you will be more satisfied with the products work and your skin will thank you.

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