Botox has a well-deserved reputation for being able to successfully treat even the deepest of fine lines and wrinkles on our faces. But many people who are considering Botox treatment would like to know how quickly this minimally invasive injectable takes to work. The general rule of thumb to consider is “the deeper the lines, the longer the treatment takes.” Consequentially, this also means that more delicate lines throughout the face will disappear much more quickly than deeper wrinkles and folds.

Why Do Deeper Folds Take Longer?

Botox works by forcing the muscles in our faces to stop moving entirely. Facial movement, which occurs mainly when we express emotion, is one of the most significant contributors to facial wrinkling. When you are surprised, folds are made in your forehead, and when you smile, the skin on your cheek is pushed into the skin near your eye, causing what is known as crow’s feet. These lines develop all over the face and have a significant impact on your appearance. But when you seek to correct those impacts through Botox, those wrinkles are allowed to smooth over since the expressions are stopped. Since you aren’t adding volume to the skin like you would with a dermal filler, it takes some time for the skin to fall back into place naturally.

Is Botox Treatment Immediate?

No, Botox works by severing the communication between the muscle and the nervous system, and although Botox can break this communication very quickly, there will still be some lingering proteins around for a couple of days. This is why many patients who believe they will immediately lose muscle movements are confused when they leave the surgery and can still create wrinkles and fine lines through everyday expressions. This doesn’t mean that your treatment isn’t working, and it is normal for two or three days to pass before the final impacts on your muscle movements have taken effect.

Can Botox Provide Short- and Long-Term Effects?

Yes, Botox immediately begins working to sever the connection that causes your muscles to move, creating an appearance that looks decades younger than it did previously. But by having Botox performed regularly, the muscles continue to remain stagnant, giving the surrounding tissue time to smooth out and de-wrinkle. Some patients also find that consistent treatment eventually leads to a single session lasting a more extended period. This means less money and less injection for the most successful results possible. You’ll notice these improvements for a very long time, but once Botox treatment is no longer performed, the muscles will once again continue to move and reform the wrinkles throughout your face.

How Long Does Botox Take?

Typically, you can expect to notice some results from your Botox treatment within a couple of days, but the deepest folds will take up to 12 days (or more) to see improvement. If you continue to follow your treatment regimen, your face will continue to smooth as long as you keep up with the treatments. The best way to get a concise and clear idea of what kind of timeline your conditions will require is to schedule a consultation with Aesthetic Envy in Sacramento. We have a staff full of highly trained and experienced professionals who can be your guides through your aesthetic journey.

When Should I Reach Out with Concerns?

You can call Aesthetic Envy at any time if you are concerned about the progress of your Botox results. We generally recommend giving it about 12 days before you begin to worry about the efficacy of your treatment. Still, our office is happy to answer any questions you have at any point in the process so that you feel as comfortable as possible. You should always immediately reach out if you have any abnormal symptoms or feel pain or discomfort for longer than a day or two. It is always better to be on the safer side of the situation, so don’t hesitate to give us a call when you have concerns.

Are You Ready to Start Botox?

If you are interested in learning more about how Botox can help you with your facial wrinkles or looking to move forward with scheduling Botox treatment, give our office a call at 916-333-4906. Or, if you would like to receive a call back from someone in our office at a better time, you can fill out our online contact form. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible!

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