When it comes to achieving our desired body aesthetics, most of us put in diligent effort through diet and exercise. Yet, sometimes, even after all the hard work, we still face those pesky areas of stubborn fat. You're not alone, and you're certainly not out of options.  Emsculpt® has taken the aesthetics by storm, and with all available cosmetic treatments available, it's no surprise that questions are floating around. At Aesthetic Envy, we understand your concerns and have you covered.

What Exactly is Emsculpt?

Using state-of-the-art electromagnetic technology, Emsculpt targets chosen areas, making muscles contract nearly 20,000 times in a mere 30-minute session. So, what's the magic behind this? These supercharged contractions create an environment where muscles evolve, adapt and strengthen. The result? A chiseled, enviable physique that mirrors your dedication. Emsculpt's revolutionary approach to body contouring hinges on the innovative use of electromagnetic technology. Unlike other body sculpting treatments that focus mainly on reducing fat, Emsculpt shifts the paradigm by targeting muscle toning and development directly.

The Step-By-Step Emsculpt Process


Before starting any Emsculpt session, patients typically undergo a consultation. This step ensures they are suitable candidates and allows them to pinpoint the areas they wish to target.


Patients are made comfortable, and the targeted area is prepped, ensuring it's clean and free from any lotions or creams.

Applying the Emsculpt Device

The Emsculpt device is then strategically placed over the desired treatment area. It's noninvasive, meaning no incisions or injections are involved.

Electromagnetic Induction

The device employs high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology once activated. This generates a series of intense muscle contractions, simulating what might occur during intensive exercise.

Supercharged Contractions

Throughout the 30-minute session, the muscles in the treated area experience approximately 20,000 contractions. These aren't your average contractions; they are supra-maximal, a contraction level beyond what one could achieve through regular physical exercise.

Cooling Period

Post-treatment, some clinics might use a cooling gel or recommend a short relaxation period, allowing the body to adjust and the muscles to recover.

The Underlying Magic

The Emsculpt device's powerful contractions instigates force the muscles into a hyper-adaptive mode. This intense environment stimulates muscle fibers to remodel and rebuild. The process also leads to the breakdown of fat cells in the vicinity, a phenomenon known as lipolysis.


Over time and with subsequent sessions, patients will notice a more defined and chiseled physique. Muscles in the treated areas become more prominent and toned, mirroring the look of someone who spends hours honing their body through rigorous exercise and discipline.

Prepping for Your Emsculpt Procedure

Ready for Emsculpt? The more meticulous your pre-treatment preparations, the more effective your Emsculpt sessions will be. Your body is an investment, and every little step counts towards achieving your desired results. To ensure the best experience and results, keep these recommendations in mind:

Dining Decisions

Eating a balanced diet is always recommended. However, we suggest you avoid a hefty meal before the session, especially if it's your abs you're focusing on. A small snack packed with protein? Try to have a light meal about 2 hours beforehand. This ensures you're neither too full nor hungry during the procedure.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drinking water prepares your body and aids in recovery post-treatment. Water is the elixir of life, and in the case of Emsculpt, it's also an essential part of pre-treatment care. Proper hydration aids muscle function, allowing them to respond optimally to the treatment's intense contractions. Drinking water before your Emsculpt session prepares your muscles, ensuring they're primed and ready for action. Post-treatment, staying hydrated aids in flushing out any toxins released from the muscles and accelerates the recovery process. Think of it as prepping for a workout; you wouldn't go into an intense session dehydrated, would you? The same principle applies here.

Post-Treatment Recovery

The beauty of Emsculpt is its minimal downtime. Here are things to you may or may not want to do after your Emsculpt sessions:

Chill Out

Slight soreness might tag along while you're free to get moving right after. However, drinking plenty of water post-treatment aids in flushing out any toxins and supports muscle recovery. A gentle massage of the treated area can also boost circulation and enhance results.

Return to Your Workout Routine

Many are eager to know when to return to their fitness routine post-treatment. Most individuals can resume their regular workout routine within 24-48 hours post-Emsculpt. As always, it's essential to tune into how your body feels. If any discomfort persists, give yourself an extra day or two. 

Document the Journey

Why not capture this transformative journey? Before-and-after pictures can serve as your personal motivation and inspire others too.

What to Expect from Emsculpt

Emsculpt is primarily designed for muscle toning and a modest amount of fat reduction. While individual experiences may vary, here are the general expected outcomes:

Muscle Definition

One of the most noticeable results is enhancing muscle definition, especially in the abdomen and buttocks. With the device contracting muscles far beyond what is typically achievable with voluntary contractions, Emsculpt helps muscle building and toning.

Fat Reduction

While Emsculpt primarily focuses on muscle, intense muscle contractions also lead to a minor breakdown of fat cells. This means there might be a reduction in the fat layer of the treated area over time.

Improved Muscle Strength

Beyond the visual benefits, some users report increased strength in the treated areas, making physical activities or exercises easier.

Post-Procedure Muscle Soreness

Given the intensity of the muscle contractions during treatment, it's normal for individuals to feel as if they've undergone a strenuous workout.

Longevity of Results

Typically, results become noticeable within two to six weeks after the last session, peaking around the three-month mark. However, the longevity of these results varies. Some individuals might maintain results for several months, while others could see the benefits for a year or more, especially if they complement the treatment with regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

Maintaining Your Emsculpt Results

Being active and engaging in regular physical activity can play a crucial role in enhancing and maintaining the results of Emsculpt treatments.

Muscle Stimulation

Regular exercise, especially strength training, helps keep muscles active, further enhancing the toning achieved through Emsculpt.

Fat Prevention

Regular physical activity also helps prevent fat accumulation, ensuring the minor fat reduction achieved with Emsculpt remains noticeable.

Double Benefits

Combining Emsculpt treatments with an active lifestyle can lead to more pronounced muscle definition and strength, given that both avenues work towards muscle development.

Maintenance Sessions

While being active helps maintain results, some individuals opt for periodic maintenance Emsculpt sessions to boost and prolong the results.

Exercises that Enhance Emsculpt

While Emsculpt alone can produce significant muscle toning and fat reduction results, combining it with specific exercises can help enhance and maintain the benefits you achieve from the treatment. Here are some exercise types that can aid in maximizing and prolonging Emsculpt results:

Strength Training

Strength training exercises focus on using resistance to induce muscular contraction, which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles. Regular strength training sessions targeting the Emsculpt-treated area can further improve muscle definition.
  • For Emsculpt-treated Abs: Incorporate exercises like planks, sit-ups, leg raises and Russian twists.
  • For Emsculpt-treated Glutes: Exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and glute bridges can be effective.

Cardiovascular (Cardio) Workouts

Regular cardio exercises can help burn calories and maintain a healthy body weight. By keeping body fat levels in check, you can further showcase the muscle definition achieved with Emsculpt.
  • Healthy cardio includes running, cycling, swimming or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Flexibility and Core Strengthening

Yoga and Pilates focus on flexibility, balance, and core strength. They can enhance the appearance of the treated area by improving posture and muscle tone.

Functional Fitness

This type of exercise mimics everyday actions using multiple muscle groups. It's an excellent way to keep the muscles engaged and maintain the results from Emsculpt.
  • Examples include box jumps, kettlebell swings, or even farmer's walks.

Isometric Exercises

These exercises involve contracting specific muscles without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. They're effective in maintaining muscle tone post-Emsculpt.
  • Examples: Wall sits, plank holds, or isometric push-ups.

Other Ways to Enhance Your Emsculpt Results

Consistency is Key

Emsculpt offers impressive results alone, but repetition and dedication amplify benefits, as with all things in fitness. Adopting and sticking to a regular workout routine, ideally, three to five sessions a week, not only maintains the gains from your Emsculpt treatments but further enhances them. Combining natural exercise and Emsculpt-induced muscle contractions forms a powerful duo for achieving an enviable physique.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water supports muscle function and aids in the removal of toxins, including the byproducts from broken-down fat cells. Your muscles are largely composed of water. Sufficient hydration ensures they operate optimally, helping you get the most out of your workouts and Emsculpt sessions. Post-Emsculpt treatments, your body works to eliminate the remnants of broken-down fat cells. Drinking enough water aids this detoxification process, ensuring your body efficiently removes unwanted waste.

Combine Strength with Cardio

While building muscle is essential, shedding any overlying fat through cardio helps showcase the toned muscles underneath. Building muscle, which Emsculpt excels at, is one half of the equation. The other is unveiling those muscles for the world to see. Even a modest layer of fat can obscure your newly toned physique. Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, or swimming are pivotal in burning this overlying fat. You reveal the chiseled muscles underneath as you shed those extra pounds, making every ripple and contour pronounced.

Seek Expert Advice

Consult a fitness trainer who can tailor exercises to complement your Emsculpt treatments and achieve the desired results. Everyone's body is unique, and so are their fitness goals. While general advice is beneficial, a personalized plan offers unmatched results. Consulting with a fitness trainer provides insights tailored specifically to you. An expert can curate exercises aligning with your objectives and complement your Emsculpt treatments. This ensures that every drop of sweat, every rep and every session brings you closer to the physique you've always desired.

Who is a Good Candidate for Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a cutting-edge body contouring treatment designed to enhance muscle definition and reduce unwanted fat. It's suitable for a wide range of individuals, but the best candidates typically fall under the following categories:

Fitness Enthusiasts Seeking Enhancement

Individuals who are already active and follow a regular workout routine but want to enhance or accentuate certain muscle groups might find Emsculpt beneficial. It can give them that extra push or definition they've been seeking.

Those Close to Their Ideal Weight

Emsculpt isn't a weight-loss solution. Instead, it's designed for toning and sculpting. Individuals who are near their ideal weight but struggling with certain stubborn pockets of fat or areas that lack muscle definition will benefit the most.

Postpartum Recovery

Many women experience a separation of abdominal muscles after childbirth, known as diastasis recti. Emsculpt can assist in bringing these muscles back together and improving core strength, complementing the postpartum recovery journey.

Individuals with Time Constraints

Those who find it challenging to dedicate weekly or daily hours to the gym consider Emsculpt a time-efficient option to maintain muscle tone.

People Seeking a Non-Invasive Approach

Emsculpt is nonsurgical and requires no anesthesia. If you're looking for a noninvasive way to improve muscle tone and reduce fat without the downtime associated with surgical procedures, Emsculpt might be your answer.

Prepping for a Special Occasion

Whether it's a wedding, a vacation, or any other significant event, Emsculpt can quickly enhance your physique and make you feel more confident in your appearance.

Things to Consider

While Emsculpt is versatile, it might only be suitable for some. Individuals with certain medical conditions or implants, especially metal or electronic devices, should consult their healthcare provider before considering Emsculpt.

Get Your Emsculpt Treatments in the Sacramento Area!

Get closer to your body aspirations with Emsculpt because nothing should stand between you and your dream silhouette. Emsculpt offers transformative results, and at Aesthetic Envy, we're here to ensure you have the smoothest experience possible. Trust the process, embrace the journey and always prioritize self-care. Go here to book your consultation and get started today. Cheers to a more sculpted you!

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