Nate Burleson. Rob Gronkowski. Jordan Brailford. Sean Murphy-Bunting. We wouldn’t be surprised if any of these names sounded familiar to you — after all, they are all top-tier NFL players for teams like the Minnesota Vikings and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Super Bowl LV, anyone?)  These players are at the peak of physical fitness. They train long and hard every single day to keep their bodies in shape, and it would be hard to find anyone who puts in as much work as they do. So why are people like Gronkowski and Murphy-Bunting turning to Emsculpt for muscle building, especially at places like Aesthetic Envy? The answer is simple: it produces results. 

What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a nonsurgical treatment that builds muscle throughout the abdomen, buttocks, calves and upper arms. And if it can do something for Gronkowski — a four-time NFL Super Bowl champion — you can bet that it can provide you with results as well. Emsculpt works by emitting high-intensity electromagnetic energy, which forces the muscles surrounding the treatment’s paddle to go through powerful contractions. This technology and approach is an excellent option for everyone because it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is.  So, how can it help you? (... or those pro athletes?)

It Builds Muscle, No Matter What

Whether you are entirely sedentary or work out religiously every day, Emsculpt will push your body to build more and more muscle every treatment. The more muscle you have, the harder Emsculpt works.  And your muscles have no choice but to keep up. It is estimated that Emsculpt causes around 20,000 contractions in approximately 30 minutes. These contractions are the equivalent of performing one insane set. These contractions are called supramaximal contractions, which means your muscles use 100% of their power without needing the weight. So whether you are new to your fitness regimen or a 265-pound tight end, you can be confident that Emsculpt can work for you.

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It Improves Performance

You hear people talking about having a strong core all the time. It’s the basis for many different exercises and disciplines because it allows you to rely on this large muscle group for various feats. Improved balance, coordination and stability; correct posture; fighting back pain and other muscle fatigue — a lot comes down to having strong support in the center of your body. Emsculpt is one of the best ways to improve the power and reliability of your core muscles. A regular regimen can help kick start your fitness journey or push you past that plateau you are currently facing.  Even if the extent of your physical finesse is having to balance and grab groceries, a strong core keeps you strong and healthy for whatever tasks you find yourself facing.

It Tones Stubborn Areas

Even after rigorous diet and exercise, your body just might not give you the results you are looking for in many cases. Maybe muscle isn’t building fast enough, or perhaps you have leftover pockets of fat that refuse to go away no matter how many targeted exercises you do.  In the latter case, many people feel like liposuction may be their only option, but we have some good news: Emsculpt can address stubborn pockets of fat as well. Whether they are on your thighs, belly, legs or waistline, no area is fully resistant to this treatment.  Everyone, from office workers to professional athletes, struggles with some stubborn areas throughout their body. So please don’t feel bad about needing some help getting rid of those areas; we all need a hand from time to time. 

It Doesn’t Require Active Work

We are used to thinking about progress as something that you have to work for. But it isn’t just that you have to work, you have to work hard. A chiseled abdomen used to have a pretty high price, but the best thing about this treatment is that it is passively strengthening your muscles during your treatment sessions.  You won’t be doing any lunges, crunches or insane ab workouts when you come into our office. This is probably one of the big reasons athletes enjoy it so much — after spending so much time improving their physical fitness, they finally get to just take a breather and let some passive gains happen.  You might not be running on a field for hours at a time (or maybe you are), but that doesn’t mean you aren’t exhausted after a long week. Luckily, all we ask you to do is rest on our table, relax and let Emsculpt do the work. The most you’ll have to wait to see your results is a day or two for them to ultimately shine through.   

It Reveals Your Hard Work

Let’s say you have been pushing at the gym to see those results. You can feel the muscle building up beneath that layer of fat, and you are setting new records for yourself every workout session. The progress is there, you can feel it … you just can’t see it.  You are only one of the countless people who are in the exact same predicament with their results. But this predicament brings another opportunity for Emsculpt to shine. Its high-intensity electromagnetic energy can cut through the fat throughout your abdomen to finally show the world what you’ve been working so hard for.  Even if you already have a visible six-pack, why not make it a little more defined if all you have to do is come and take a breather for half an hour in our office? Bring some headphones or something to read, and let us reveal all of that work you’ve been doing.  

Chiseled Emsculpt Results for Everyone

There are no limitations to who can benefit from Emsculpt. It doesn’t matter what skin type, complexion or body type you have, this treatment is more than likely able to provide you with the improvements you have been craving.  If there is something you would like to achieve with Emsculpt, give Aesthetic Envy a call at 916-333-4906 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to being your partner throughout this entire process! 

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